How to Create Your Own Cover Letter Template on Google Docs | with Using Guides

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Cover letters are an essential part of a successful job application process. However, it can be difficult to know how to create a attractive cover letter template, and how to organize your thoughts.

With google docs, you will be able to create a professional looking cover letter template in minutes.

In this article, the following tips will help you create a cover letter that will make you stand out from the competition and land you the job you deserve.

How to use google docs to create cover letter template :

Log in to your Google account : The first thing you need to use google docs cover letter template is a google account. Log in to your Google account then you can easily access google docs cover letter templates.

Go to google apps and select google docs : After successfully log in google account, first of all you need to open a new tab in the Chrome browser on your desktop. Then you have to select Google Docs by clicking on the 3 dot menu (Google Apps) in the top right corner.

Or you can open Google Docs directly by clicking on this link

Click plus icon ( Blank ) : After opening Docs, click on plus icon ( blank ) on the left. Then a blank document will open in front of you to create a cover letter.

Google docs interface

Download and use : Once the cover letter template has been created, you have to download the format file of your choice (docx or pdf is suggested) by clicking on the download option from the file.then printing that file will make it usable

How to create a cover letter template on google docs :

Cover letter templates are designed to make your job application process easier. You'll find the perfect template in Google docs for you exact need. You'll be able to download these and edit to your liking.

Google docs offers a number of pre-designed cover letter templates to enhance your cover letter creation experience. You can easily build a professional cover letter using these templates.

However, if you don't like these google templates. then you can easily create better quality cover letter with your creativity using google docs.

You will be as creative in design as possible. your cover letter will also get a professional look.

You can easily create your own cover letter using google docs. for that we have given a video below. which will be helpful in creating your cover letter.