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Docs resume template

Google docs resume template : Resume is a widely used official document for the purpose of creating new employment. Through which job seekers try to give an overview of their qualifications, skills and achievements to the employer.

Resumes can be used for a variety of reasons along with jobs, but in most cases it is used with cover letters to ensure new employment.

What is Resume :

Originally, the spelling "Resume" actually comes from the French word "résumé" . Which means "summary".

Resume is an official document sent by the job seeker to the employer. Where the applicant is given a brief idea of the professional qualifications including relevant work experience, skills, educational qualifications and significant achievements.

Resume helps you to highlight your qualifications in the relevant position to the employer. So that the recruiting officer can easily realize that you are a suitable candidate for the post.

In short, resume is a strategy to present yourself to the employer at a glance. Where the contact address of the job seeker, some brief information about himself / herself, educational qualifications, past work history and relevant skills, and best achievements are briefly mentioned.

Resume is also called a personal advertisement of a job seeker. In some countries of the world known as Resume, bio data. Again in the EU Resume and CV are considered as the same thing.

Difference of resume and CVs : 

Many people think Resume and CV are the same thing. Their idea is completely wrong. Resume and CV are never one thing. There are several differences between them :

Length :

The first difference between Resume and CV is their length. The main feature of the resume is its brevity. That's why resume is usually limited to 1 page.

On the other hand, the contents written in the CV are mentioned in a little detail. That's why CV can usually be on a 2-8 (depending on your experience) page.

Writing Style: 

Another notable difference between Resume and CV is their writing style. since Resume is used to create new jobs, it has to focus more on professional achievement than academic qualifications.

On the other hand, CV is used for various academic purposes, so the focus here is more on academic qualifications.


There is also a difference between Resume and CV in terms of usage. Resume is usually used to apply for new jobs.

On the other hand, CV are used for applications for research programs, PhDs, scholarships or for various academic purposes.


Differences can also be noticed between the elements used in resume and CV. For example, the main elements of resume are,

  • Full name
  • The title of your job, or the name of the position you are applying for
  • Contact information
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Relevant skills
  • Linguistic skills
  • Relevant Certification and Interest (if any)

On the other hand, the main elements of CV are,

  • Full name
  • Contact information
  • Professional title, resume summary, or resume objective
  • Research interests
  • Education
  • Publications (both academic papers and books)
  • Teaching or lecturing experience
  • Work experience
  • Conferences and courses
  • Skills
  • Certificates
  • Languages
  • Grants of fellowships
  • References

Why google docs resume template is helpful : 

A simple and effective option for creating resume is google docs . Where you can create all kinds of premium looking resume/CV templates, starting from simple.

When you enter Google docs, you will find 5 ready-made templates for resume. We will try to discuss them in detail below.

You can easily customize or edit these templates to your liking.

Clean and simple:

These templates are very clean and simple. Which will easily attract all those employers. Those who do not like to read exaggerated or multi-color and design resume.

Save time:

The templates provided in Google docs are designed in such a way that anyone can easily customize them to their liking.

And since its customisation is very easy, anyone can create a simple, clean and professional resume with their information in a very short time.

Which plays an important role in saving valuable time for job seekers.

Professional presentation:

The default Google docs templates is designed to present your qualifications, skills and achievements to the employer in a very professional way.

There is nothing exaggerated in these templates, so they maintain a professional presentation as well as a professional look.

Google docs resume template :

Selecting the appropriate resume and cover letter template to get the job puts you far ahead of other competitors. And in this case Google docs cover letter templates and resume templates will play a very effective role for you.In this part we will try to give a review of Google docs resume templates.

Coral :

Coral Google docs resume template

Coral "is one of the simple Google Docs resume templates with one column.

But its simple presentation can very well showcase your experience and skills to the employer.

Like other Google docs templates, this template is written with skills and experience before educational qualifications. So if you have more special skills and experience and there are some flaws in educational qualifications then this template may be on the list of best choice for you.

And the color, font and design of this template has made it perfect for fashion blogger, influencer, culinary arts, creative industry etc job. However, you can use this template outside of all these jobs.

Modern writer :

Mordern writer google docs resume template

One of the one column templates is Modern writer template. Google has used modern and exceptional fonts to match the name of this template. Which will help give your resume a modern touch.

In this template, experience and academic qualifications are given more priority than skills and awards. Due to which the experience and academic qualifications have been specially highlighted in the template.

If you want to do a job in books or writing. For example: copywriter, editor, scriptwriter, librarian, screenwriter, etc. In that case, this template may be on your list of favorites.

But, although the name of this template is Modern writer, the template did not attract us very much. So it is advisable to use this template at your own risk in any business job.

Spearmint : 

Spearmint google docs resume template

Among the one-column templates, this template has attracted us the most. The green color used in it can create a positive attitude of the employer towards you.

If you want to create an elegant and professional style resume. Then this template should be at the top of your list of favorites.

This template is designed with more emphasis on your previous work and experience. That's why if you are associated with an industrial engineer, energy and sustainability professional etc related organization or want to change the previous job. Then this template will be perfect for you.

But if you want to use this template for your first job. So with a little customization, this Google Docs template may be suitable for you.

Serif :

Serif Google docs resume template

"Serif" is one of Google Docs' two-column resume templates.

To us, this resume template seems to be the best option among all the templates. Because of its professional looking design.

The combination of blue and black colors of this template has further enhanced the professional look.

Its two columns have created an opportunity to present your qualifications, experience and achievements in a little more detailed and neat way. Also, if you have more experience and achievements, you will be able to present it beautifully in one page for two columns.

If you have any projects, presentations and awards, you are proud of. So this template is perfect for you. Because its two columns are perfect for your beautiful presentation of these things.

This template is the ideal choice for the job of Computer Scientist, Data analyzer, Senior positions, Banking etc.

You can also use this resume template for all types of business jobs.

Swiss :

Swiss Google docs resume template

"Swiss" is a two-column professional resume template of Google Docs. This template is designed in such a way that the employer can easily realize your experience, skills and qualifications.

Each part of the template is divided by a thick black line. So that every part of the resume can be seen easily.

Like the Spearmint template, this template also focuses on your previous work and experience.

If you have gained a lot of experience from a previous job and want to change jobs. Then this template may be the best choice for you.

This template, which has a lot of experience, is ideal for those who are interested in changing their previous job in a senior position in a bank or an organization.

However, you can use this template for a little experience or for the first job.

    How to use Google docs resume template :

    You can easily use Google docs resume by following the steps below.

    Create a Google account or sign in :

    The first thing you need to use Google docs resume is a Google account. If you already have a Google account, you can easily use Google docs resume.

    And if you don't already have a Google Account, click on this link Sign Up to create a Google Account with your basic information.

    Go to Google Drive and Select Google docs :

    The next step in successfully creating a Google Account is to login to Google Drive. Clicking on this link will bring up a new login interface if you have not logged in before.

    There you will need to login with your email address and password.

    After logging in, you have to select Google Docs by clicking on the plus icon in the top left corner.

    Choose your resume template: After selecting Google docs, click on template gallery on the right. After that you have to select the suitable template for you.

    Fill in the template :

    Clicking on the template you selected will make the template editable. Then you have to put your name and contact information, skills, experience, educational qualifications etc. and customize it as you like.

    Download and Use :

    Once the resume template has been customized, you have to download the format file of your choice (docx or pdf is suggested) by clicking on the Download option from the file.

    Then printing that file will make it usable .

    Use Google docs in Mobile :

    You can also use Google docs to edit and customize Google's resume templates with your existing smart phone.

    In that case you must download the Google docs apps from the App Store or Play Store.

    After installing Google Docs, open it and click on the plus icon in the bottom right corner. Then from there click on choose template and select the appropriate resume template for you.

    ( If you want to create a new resume, you have to create a resume by clicking on New Document. )

    Clicking on the template of your choice from the choose template will bring up a new interface in front of you.

    Clicking on the pen icon in the bottom right corner will make the template ready to edit.

    To facilitate the work, you have to turn on Print Layout by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and by clicking on Page Setup, you have to select Paper Size> A4.

    Properly insert your name and contact information, skills, experience, educational qualifications, etc. into the template. Click on Spell check from 3 dot to see if there is any spelling mistake.

    If all goes well, click on Share and Export> Save as from 3 dot and download the format file (docx or pdf is suggested) as per your convenience.

    However, there are some limitations to using Google docs on mobile.

    How to Write a Resume for Your First Job with Google Docs :

    If you are a fresher. Then Google Docs resume templates can be quite helpful for your first job.

    You've already seen how easy it is to build a professional resume using Google docs.

    So if you are new or have no previous experience in writing resumes, you can easily edit the Google docs templates as you need and build a professional resume.

    Google docs the experience is given more importance in the resume templates. Since you are fresher. You have no job experience. So highlight beautifully what extra curriculum has done in your academic life related to jobs in any way in place of experience.

    And when it comes to choosing a template, if you don't have much to say about extra curriculum or skills, then it is advisable to choose templates with one column.

    How to Make a Resume on Google Docs :

    We have shown above how you can easily build a professional resume using google docs templates.

    However, if you do not like these Google templates. Then you can easily create better quality resumes with your creativity using Google docs.

    You will be as creative in design as possible. Your resume will also get a professional look.

    You can easily create your own resume using Google Docs. For that we gave a video below. Which I hope will be helpful in creating your resume

    Store and reuse :

    One of the advantages of Google docs templates is that you can store them in your Google Drive after editing them.

    And later you can take it from here and use it again while applying for another job. So we recommend creating a copy (.docx) file along with pdf while downloading the resume.

     So, this template can be reused later with some minor changes.

    Google Docs Alternative :

    Google Docs has many alternatives for creating professional quality resumes for free in the market. Some of them are Microsoft Resume Templates, Novo Resume, Resume Genius, Visual CV, Canva etc.

    Some basic Questions about resume writing :

    While writing the resume, some of the basic questions of the fresher revolve around the head. In this part we have tried to answer these basic questions.

    What to Put on a Resume ?

    The first thought that comes to Fresher mind when writing a resume is what elements to add to a professional resume.

    If you are thinking of using Google Docs resume, you don't have to worry about what to add. Because Google does that job very well.

    And if you think of creating a resume yourself, check if you have added the following elements to the resume properly.

    • Full name
    • The title of your job, or the name of the position you are applying for.
    • Contact information
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Relevant skills
    • Linguistic skills
    • Relevant Certification and Interest (if any )

    How Long Should a Resume Be?

    The question that comes to the mind of almost everyone is, how many pages will I write the resume? The simple answer is that resume have to be written mainly within a page.

    However, if you have a lot more skills, abilities, and experience. Which is very important to mention. And if you write all of them in one page, the resume will look very bad. Then in this case you can use maximum 2 pages

    But, in this case, we would suggest using two-column templates to limit the resume to one page.

    Resume font size :

    Another important question for writing Resume is how much the size of the font used in it should be kept. In that case, the answer is that the ideal font size for writing Resume is 12. But in certain cases you can keep font size up to 14.


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