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Google Docs templates are very handy and easy to use in all fields of work, education or business. No matter what student, job seeker or employer you can easily design professional looking templates using google docs for free as per your requirement.

If you are a job seeker, you can build professional resume / CV and cover letter using google docs templates.

If you are a student, then you can easily handle the necessary tasks like Essay, Report, Book Report, Class Notes, lesson plan and friendly letter by using the education templates of google docs for free.

Google Docs has also created the necessary templates for businessmen or employees such as project proposal, meeting notes, onboarding notes, brochure, job offer letter, job promotion letter, reference letter etc.

So you can easily use the template by selecting it according to your needs.

What is Google Docs :

Google Docs is a web-based online word processor. Through which Google provides word processing related services for free. Such as: Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites and Google Keep.

Google Docs is a web-based application that can be easily accessed through an Internet browser. It is also used as an application on desktop, Android and iOS platforms.

The biggest advantage of using Google Docs is that the professional quality readymade templates in it can be easily used for free. [ Source : Wikipedia ]

How to use Google docs templates :

You can easily use Google docs templates by following the steps below.

Create a Google account or sign in :

The first thing you need to use Google docs templates is a Google account. If you already have a Google account, you can easily use Google docs resume.

And if you don't already have a Google Account, click on this link Sign Up to create a Google Account with your basic information. 

Go to Google Drive and Select Google docs:

The next step in successfully creating a Google Account is to login to Google Drive. Clicking on this link will bring up a new login interface if you have not logged in before.

There you will need to login with your email address and password.

After logging in, you have to select Google Docs by clicking on the plus icon in the top left corner.

Choose your templates: After selecting Google docs, click on template gallery on the right. After that you have to select the suitable template for you.

Fill in the template:

Clicking on the template you selected will make the template editable. Then you have to put the information you need there and customize it.

Download and Use:

Once the template has been customized, you have to download the format file of your choice (docx or pdf is suggested) by clicking on the Download option from the file.Then printing that file will make it usable.

Use Google docs in Mobile : 

You can also use Google docs to edit and customize Google docs templates with your existing smart phone.

In that case you must download the Google docs apps from the App Store or Play Store.

After installing Google Docs, open it and click on the plus icon in the bottom right corner. Then from there click on choose template and select the appropriate resume template for you.

If you want to design a new template, you have to create a new template by clicking on New Document. 

Clicking on the template of your choice from the choose template will bring up a new interface in front of you. 

Clicking on the pen icon in the bottom right corner will make the template ready to edit.

For the convenience of work, it is suggested to turn on Print Layout by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select the page as per your need by clicking on Page Setup.

Once the information you need is placed correctly on the template, click on the spell check from 3 dot to see if there are any spelling mistakes.

If all goes well, click on Share and Export> Save as from 3 dot and download the format file (docx or pdf is suggested) as per your convenience.

5 handy & professional google docs templates :

Google Docs is one of the most popular web platforms for using Handy and Professional templates for free.

Google Docs has designed their template gallery with students, job seekers and business people or employer in mind.

Each of their templates is professional and easy to use. Even then we will try to give overview of the best 5 templates from there.

Serif for Resume/CV :

Serif google docs resume template

"Serif" is one of the two columns most popular Google Docs resume templates.

To us, this resume template seems to be the best option among all the templates. Because of its professional looking design.

The combination of blue and black colors of this template has further enhanced the professional look.

Its two columns have created an opportunity to present your qualifications, experience and achievements in a little more detailed and neat way. Also, if you have more experience and achievements, you will be able to present it beautifully in one page for two columns.

If you have any projects, presentations and awards, you are proud of. So this template is perfect for you. Because its two columns are perfect for your beautiful presentation of these things.

This template is the ideal choice for the job of Computer Scientist, Data analyzer, Senior positions, Banking etc.

You can also use this resume template for all types of business jobs.

Spearmint for Cover Letter :

Spearmint Google Docs cover Letter Template

Among the one-column google docs cover letter templates, this template has attracted us the most. The green color used in it can create a positive attitude of the employer towards you.

If you want to create an elegant and professional style cover letter. Then this template should be at the top of your list of favorites.

This template uses three paragraphs.

Although this template is ideal for short cover letters. However, if you have more experience and qualifications, which is necessary to mention in the cover letter. Then you can add 2-3 more paragraphs.

But if you want to use this template for your first job. So with a little customization, this Google Docs template may be suitable for you.

Geometric for Business Letter :

Geometric Google Docs Business Letter Template

"Geometric" is one of the exceptions to Google Docs letter templates. This template has a professional presentation like other Google templates as well as special emphasis on its design.

The design and color combination of the template has also made it more eye catching.Which is easily able to attract the attention of the recipient.

Like the Spearmint template, this template also uses 3 paragraphs. However, if you need to write more, you can add extra paragraphs.

And to highlight special points, you can use bullet points or tables instead of just using paragraphs.

You can also use this template as a cover letter. In that case, you must customize a little bit.

Simple for academic report :

Simple Google Docs report Template

The "Simple" template is ideal for creating any type of academic report for students. "Simple" is one of the most beautiful and tidy templates available in Google Docs for creating academic reports.

One of the reasons this template is unique from other templates is its beautiful cover.

In addition to presenting the name and academic information of your report in a beautiful way in the cover, there is also an opportunity to use your report related pictures. Which will help make your report more beautiful and interesting.

'Simple' report template is 3 pages long. Whose first page has been used as a cover.

In the next two pages of the report template, important points like Introduction, Data, Results, Conclusion, References are beautifully presented. Bullet points and tables have also been used to make the template more attractive and professional.

If you need to add any extra points to the template or change the text color, the template should be customized keeping its design style.

Zenefits for job offer/promotion/employment verification :

Zenefits Google Docs job promotion Template

We feel that Google Docs has taken a shortcut approach when designing templates for the Human Resources category. Because the Zenefits template is the only template for this category.

Google Docs has used this template of the same design for 3 purposes. These are: job offer letter, promotion letter and employment verification letter.

We do not understand why Google Docs has designed a template for these three purposes. Since the template is one, if you need to use the Google Docs template for these 3 purposes, you need to use the zenefits template.

But the template is clean enough and its presentation is very professional. But you can give the template a more professional look by customizing it.

Most Common Use Of Google Docs Templates :

Below we have tried to discuss in detail the tasks that Google Docs template is most used for.

Templates for Students :

Google has designed their template gallery considering the different needs of students. So that students can easily use the templates according to their needs.In this section we will discuss the templates that Google Docs is offering for students.

Informal Letter : 

Although informal letter was once widely used as a medium of communication, the use of informal letters is now negligible in the evolution of time.

Along with the development of human civilization, the means of exchanging personal and formal information have also greatly improved.

Currently, although email, text and digital messaging have completely taken the place of informal letter, informal letters are still used for academic purposes to teach students.

With this in mind, Google Docs has added an informal letter template called "Plum" to their template gallery. So that students can easily use this template in their academic work.

Report Template : 

The report is a very familiar word to students. Students need to prepare reports on various topics at different times. Teachers sometimes ask students to prepare reports on specific topics.

And many students get into trouble when preparing this report properly. Keeping this irony in mind, Google Docks has added report templates like "Simple, Luxy, playful" to their template gallery. So that students can easily use these templates while preparing their reports.

Templates for Teacher :

Topics like class notes, lesson plans are very important for teachers to better understand the academic lesson to the students. In this section we will discuss the templates that Google Docs is offering for teachers.

Class Notes :

Education is a great profession. Teachers are the makers of the future. You can't be a good teacher just by being wise. In order To be a good teacher, it is very important to teach the students the academic lessons well.

Teachers often have to make class notes to present academic lessons more easily to students. 

Through class notes, the teachers briefly present the main points of the lesson to the students.

And to make this task easier for teachers, Google Docs has added some class note templates like luxy, paperback to their template gallery. So that teachers can easily create class notes for students.

Lesson Plan :

The main quality that an ideal teacher should have is the ability to teach students something properly and easily. And it requires a systematic continuum of teaching academic lessons. For which teachers need a proper lesson plan.

And with this need in mind for teachers, Google has added a number of lesson plan templates to their template gallery.So that the proper continuity of giving lessons to the students continues.

Templates for Job Seekers :

Cover letter and resume is one of the important formal documents for job seekers. In this section we will discuss the templates that Google Docs is offering for job seekers.

Cover Letter Templates : 

The cover letter is one of the main documents sent by the job seekers for the purpose of creating new employment. Through this cover letter you have to professionally present to the recruiting officer why you are eligible for the position you have applied for.

The format and template of the cover letter will tell the recruiter whether you are a professional or an amateur. So choosing the ideal template for the cover letter is very important.

So to make this important task easier for job seekers, Google Docs has added cover letter template like "spearmint" to their template gallery. So that job seekers can easily present themselves professionally to the employer.

Resume/CV templates : 

An important attachment sent with the cover letter is the resume / CV ( Resume is used for jobs in US and CV for academic work. But, resume CV is almost the same thing). Through resume / CV, You have to highlight yourself to the employer. through your skills, experience, academic qualifications .

Through the resume / CV, you have to explain to the employer that I consider myself qualified for this position for this skill, experience, qualification .

Since resume / CV is a means of presenting oneself to the employer. Therefore, it is very important to present your resume template and your qualifications in a professional way. So that the employer can see your qualifications first. And so that their positive attitude towards you is created.

And with that in mind, Google Docs has given more prominence to professional presentation than exaggerated designs in their templates. The templates for resume / cv in their template gallery are serif, spearmint, coral etc.

Templates for Employer/Employees :

Business letter, project proposal, meeting notes are very important to an organization owner or employees.In this section, we will discuss the templates that Google Docs is offering for organization owners or employees.

Business Letter Templates :

Business Letters have become an essential business weapon for the purpose of expanding global trade. Business letters are important documents for both parties.

Business letters written in a proper format, play an important role in your business as your representative, reference for future transactions, valuable evidence, sustainable greetings and to expand the business field.

You can read this post to know about the format and importance of business or formal letter! Formal Letter Format and Importance

Therefore, when writing a business letter, special emphasis should be given on its correct format and template.

In the Google Docs Template Gallery you will find a number of interesting templates with the right format for writing business letters. Through which you can present the business letter in a more professional way.

Project Proposal Templates : 

In business, it is necessary to send project proposals to other organizations for various reasons. The correct format and template for project Proposal is very important.

Because, your project proposal will represent you and your organization to the head of another organization.

That's why Google Docs is offering several professional templates like Spearmint, Geometric for use as project proposals.

Meeting Notes Templates :

Meeting notes are very important to employees. The main points of the various meetings in the workplace are briefly recorded in the meeting notes.

A number of interesting meeting notes templates like Coral, Tropic, Modern Writer are included in the Google Docs template gallery for easy creation of meeting notes.

Job offer / Promotion / employee verification letter templates :

Job offer / promotion / employment verification letters are very familiar to employers.

Job offer letters are used to add new employees to the workplace, promotion letters to promote any officer and employment verification letters to verify new employees in the workplace.

To make this work easier for employers, Google Docs has added a professional template called Zenefits to their template gallery.

Some basic Q&A :

Q: Are Google Docs templates completely free?

Answer: Yes. These can be used for free.

Q: Can I create a completely new template by google docs ?

Answer: Yes. You can create completely new templates to suit your needs.

Q: What paid template does Google Docs offer?

Answer: No. Google Docs does not offer any paid templates.

Q: Are google docs resume/CV templates good ? 

Answer: Since Google Docs Resume / CV templates can be used for free. So many may wonder if these resume / CV templates are really good! Are these really professional? Will these templates for the job be able to attract the recruiter at all!

Google Docs resume / CV templates are more importance about presenting your qualifications, skills and experiences to the employer in a professional way than design.

These templates try to present your qualifications, skills and experience clearly to the employer, so that your resume / CV will create a positive attitude of the employer towards you.

Now the question may come to your mind, are the Google Docs resume / CV templates very simple? The answer is no. 

These templates try to give a clean and professional design in a simple way by choosing the right font, alignment, and placement of the resume / CV elements in the right place. And in this case it can be said that the templates are successful.

In conclusion, although the design and quantity of Google Docs templates is limited, but the professional presentation of these templates will give you a considerable advantage. And if you are creative, you can give a more premium look by customizing these free templates.

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