Cover Letter Sample For Job Application In Word Format 2022

Creating a professional cover letter for job application? But worried about how to present your qualifications in detail to the hiring manager in the cover letter? And for that you are looking for some cover letter samples to make a job winning cover letter?

It is not mandatory to send a cover letter while applying for a job. However, the cover letter is one of the one-page documents for job seekers, that gives you the opportunity to say in detail about, "Why are you eligible for this post!" Why would the company hire you? What are your special qualifications" 

What is an cover letter?

A cover letter is a one-page formal document that accurately introduces job seekers to the employer. Recruiters use it as a personal advertisement when applying for a job. Cover letters are usually from 250 to 400 words. This is also known as application letter.

A cover letter is basically a kind of explanation letter. Where the recruiter describes the qualifications, skills, passion, interests mentioned in his resume in a professional way. Besides, why is he writing! Why he is qualified for the position! Why he is ahead of others! Explains why employers hire him.

What to include in your cover letter?

When you start writing a cover letter, it is very important to know what elements to include in the cover letter. Because the employer sees the cover letter first. So the first impression is very important. And, largely this first impression confirms whether or not to get a job. Here is a list of what you will add to the cover letter:

  1. In the first part your full name and full address, contact number and email address.
  2. Exactly the date on which you are writing the cover letter.
  3. The full address of the company or organization you will be applying for or the full address of the hiring manager.
  4. A Professional Salutation (Formal Greeting)
  5. A Opening paragraph that attracts the attention of the employer.
  6. Why do you qualify for that position! Why are you ahead of others! Why the employer will hire you, etc.
  7. A Strong Closing Paragraph with a Compelling Call to Action sentence.
  8. A Professional Closing Sentiment.
  9. Your Name and signature.

How to write a cover letter for job application :

To write a cover letter in a proper format, you must add some important elements in the letter. Which will increase your professionalism and acceptability to the employer.

When writing a cover letter, the alignment of each sentence should be on the left side.

Sender name and contact information: 

At the beginning of a cover letter, your name and full address should be written in the upper left corner of the letter or your name and address should be mentioned in the letterhead. 


After your name and address, enter the date with one line omitted.

Employer name and contact information: 
Just after writing the date, the full name and full address of the employer must be written with one line omitted.


If you want to write a cover letter using AMS style. Then after writing the name and contact information of the employer, you have to write the subject of your letter. And if you want to write a cover letter in block style. Then you have to write the greeting directly after writing the name and contact information of the employer.


When writing a greeting, the right person should be greeted with his correct name or surname. For example: Dear (First Name / Mr. Mrs./ Ms. Last Name) or To whom it may concern.

Main body: 

The main body of the cover letter starts from the bottom of the greeting. In this section, you need to accurately represent the purpose for which you are writing this letter.Try to keep this part in 3-5 paragraphs.

Opening is very important for cover letters. So instead of using a common sentence in the first paragraph, start with something that attracts attention.

Come quickly to the context of why you qualify for this job and why you are ahead of others. So that you can get the attention of the employer at the beginning.

Maintain a professional attitude, be courageous, and try to convince the employer that you are sincere about the job.

Don't be clever, keep yourself clear.Keep the cover letter in adjust with the resume. Refrain from using Serio words and big sentences. Use short, conventional and meaningful words instead.

Use action verbs as much as possible.

Words like "implemented, achieved, developed and created" make your success meaningful.

Avoid using the same cover letter again and again. Write separate cover letters for different positions according to your job requirements.

Use active voice when writing your own experience or skills. The active voice implies that the responsibility was yours. "It was accomplished." Compared to "I accomplished this", it refers to you a lot more directly.

Try to use bullet points when writing your special qualifications, experience, skills.

Keep a sharp eye on spelling and grammar. And check if the spelling and grammar are correct.


Your signature after writing "Yours / Best wishes, Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Respectfully yours, Cordially, Respectfully" in this part. Then you have to complete the cover letter by writing your full name .

Add a PS to draw attention to the end.(additional)

Cover letter sample for job application in word format :

Cover letter sample for job application word

Download Word Format

Text Version :

Clark K Jackson
697 Brentwood Drive,
Austin, Texas, 78744
Mobile Number : 512-940-0377
Email Address :

July 20, 2022

Joseph D Raley
Hiring Manager
Ward Group
830 Patterson Fork Road

Dear [Hiring Manager's Name),

In the attachment you will find my resume with detailed work experience for the relevant position.My weaknesses in technology since childhood, and 6 years of practical experience as a programmer have made me much more skilled and experienced.

My interest and love for this programming, effective planning ability, great communication skills, sympathetic and friendly attitude towards team members, played an effective role in nominating me as a Team Leader within 26 months of joining the workplace.So I believe that I can play an effective role as the ideal team leader for this big project of yours.

I can be contacted at 512-940-0377 or I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Clark K Jackson

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Tips for Writing a Cover Letter : 

Short and friendly :

However, the long cover letter gives you the opportunity to present yourself in more detail to the employer. Still try to present yourself through short paragraphs. In addition to refraining from using unnecessary sentences, you need to make sure that the friendly format in the letter is correct.

Although writing a short cover letter is a little difficult. However, a short cover letter presents your professionalism in a better way.

Identify the problem :

When you apply for a job in a company. Then first you have to have a solid idea about that company. And you have to understand what problems is facing industry.

Employers search for Such candidates for their company who are able to accept the challenge of solving their industry problems. So before writing the cover letter, ask yourself why they should hire you in their organization! How can you help them!

Show how you can help be a solution to those problem : 

When a job seeker thinks of making a cover letter, he tries to highlight his educational qualifications or experience. But they forget that their academic education or experience will not be of any use to the company unless their education or experience solves any problem of the company.

So after identifying the problems, mention in the cover letter how you will take up the challenge of solving those problems with your academic education or experience.

Finish strong :

The first and last paragraph of a cover letter is very important. So you must give extra importance while writing the last paragraph. The last paragraph should give a strong finish to the cover letter using some action words. So that employer give you the highest priority in hiring you. For example, you could say: “I’m passionate about [Company]’s mission and would love to bring my [add your awesome skills here] to this position.”

Other some importance tips :

  1. The language of the letter should be simple, straightforward and clear. 
  2. Write the letter as concisely as possible in keeping with the content.
  3. There should be a sense of emotion and excitement in the subject matter.
  4. Left justify your letter.
  5. Special attention should be paid to the spelling of the letter.
  6. Single space your letter and leave a space between each paragraph.
  7. Use simple fonts when writing letters. Such as: Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, etc.
  8. Try to keep the font size of the letter between 10 - 12.
  9. Use good quality bond paper.

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