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One of the basic prerequisites for a successful job search is to create a good resume. To apply for a job at a new company or change jobs, you need a top level resume in all cases. Because resume plays a major and effective role in getting or not getting your job. In this 2022, the more your resume is at the top level, the more your winning chances will increase. And the more amateur and weak your resume is, the stronger your chances of being knocked out of the competition to get a job. In this article, we discuss how to write simple resume and gives some question answer related to a top class resume writing.

What is resume :

Originally, the spelling "Resume" actually comes from the French word "résumé" . Which means "summary".

Resume is an official document sent by the job seeker to the employer. Where the applicant is given a brief idea of the professional qualifications including relevant work experience, skills, educational qualifications and significant achievements.

Resume helps you to highlight your qualifications in the relevant position to the employer. So that the recruiting officer can easily realize that you are a suitable candidate for the post.

In short, resume is a strategy to present yourself to the employer at a glance. Where the contact address of the job seeker, some brief information about himself / herself, educational qualifications, past work history and relevant skills, and best achievements are briefly mentioned.

Resume is also called a personal advertisement of a job seeker. In some countries of the world known as Resume, bio data. Again in the EU Resume and CV are considered as the same thing.

7 basic steps to writing a resume :

In this section, we have tried to discuss how to format resume through 7 basic steps.

  • Choose the right format according to your qualifications, skills and experience.
  • Enter your full name and full contact information in the header section of the resume.
  • Add your professional summary within a maximum of 100 words at the top of the resume.
  • Briefly mention your academic qualifications.
  • Mention the job-related professional experience (if any).
  • highlight your job-related skills.
  • Add an additional section. Where, include topics like certificates, training, language skills etc .

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How to write a simple resume :

A Resume for a job is a great way to present yourself to the employer.

With the help of Resume, the recruiters showcase their skills, abilities, experience, academic qualifications etc. In this section, we have tried to discuss how to write a simple resume step by step.

Choose a right resume format :

Resume format

The first step in creating a job winning resume is to choose the right resume format for you. Most job seekers choose the Reverse chronological resume format to create a resume.

However, choosing this resume format may not always be ideal for you. We are trying to explain briefly which format is ideal for you.

There are basically 3 types of resume formats :

  •  Reverse chronological resume format.
  •  Functional / skills-based resume format.
  •  Combination resume format.

Reverse chronological resume format:

If you have little / much previous work experience, this resume format is ideal for you. So, if you do not have job experience then you should not choose this format like most job seekers.

Functional/skills-based resume format :

If you are a recent graduate or a fresher or if you have no job experience. Then this format is ideal for you. Because in this format your skills and educational qualifications are given more prominence.

Combination resume format :

And if you have a lot of experience in the job and full of skills. Then this format will be job winning for you.Basically job changers write resumes in this format to join a new organization.

Contact Information :

The first part of resume is Contact Information. This part is simple but important. Because employer will contact you later with the information in this part.

In this section enter your full name, professional title (if any), full address, phone or mobile number and email address and social media or LinkedIn account address.

One thing to keep in mind before giving out social media or LinkedIn account information is that the employer may try to understand you through these social media profiles.

So keep your social media profiles always updated and in line with your resume.

If your resume doesn't match your social media or LinkedIn profile, you may drop out of line.

So if your social media profiles are not professional, refrain from mentioning them in your resume .

You can also write the part of contact information based on resume template in resume head.

Personal Profile :

After Contact Information, the main topics of the resume are written. Many write experience or academic qualifications immediately after writing contact information.

However, you can do something different from them by creating a Perfect Personal Profile for the employer, without going directly to experience or academic qualifications after contact information.

In this part, briefly present yourself. Try to explain to the employer why you are different from others. Why you and your achievements will be helpful for their organization. Set a maximum word limit of 100 words to highlight yourself. 

Skills :

After Personal Profile, you have mastered the skills related to the relevant position. Try to present them nicely with bullet points.

When listing your skills, combine the hard and soft skills that you have developed throughout your career. Refrain from mentioning relevant skills.

If your Job has special emphasis on skills. Then this part will be especially helpful for you. For example: If you apply for a job related to books or publications. So, knowing multiple languages, good writing skills, or being able to design a book cover, these skills will be especially helpful to get your job in the relevant position.

Also, in such jobs, if you have less academic qualifications or experience. Then always try to keep skills above experience or academic qualifications.

Work Experience :

One thing that applies to jobs is that the more experienced you are at work, the easier it will be for you to get a job.

So, needless to say how important this part is. But you have to be professional and discreet enough to write this part. Otherwise, even more of your experience will not be able to attract the employer.

Before writing your experience, take a good look at what your responsibility will be in the respective positions.  

And mention the experiences related to your position with bullet points. And refrain from writing experiences that are inconsistent with the work involved.

Use the action verb while writing your experience.

If your job gives more prominence to experience. So write down the part of the experience only after the personal profile.

In this case, if you have any shortcomings in academic qualifications, it will not affect the employer as much.

Education :

Although it is very easy to write academic qualifications in resume, you still need to adopt some strategies.

If you have a post-secondary education, just include it in your resume. Refrain from mentioning your high school, unless it is your highest education degree.

Write the name of your degree first when writing your academic qualifications. Then note the name of the institute and the graduation year.

If you are a fresher, or if you have no previous experience. Then your tactical writing in the education department will be helpful enough to attract the attention of the recruiter.

In this case, you strategically highlight your academic experience. For example, include:

  • Your research
  • Favourite field of study
  • Your best achievement
  • Extra curricular activities.

Awards (optional):

If you have any award related to the relevant job. Then try to present it beautifully in the resume.

However, refrain from mentioning awards that are inconsistent with the job. Because it will not add any value to your resume. Instead, it will represent your amateur personality to the employer. Again in many cases it can cause annoyance.

Picture (optional):

If the employer mentions adding pictures in the recruitment notice. Then use a professional photo of yourself in the resume. If they don't want pictures, refrain from using pictures.

Additional Sections :

If you have any significant qualifications or achievements outside the above mentioned categories. And if you think they need to be added to the resume. Then you can write it beautifully in the form of section. Such as:

  • Publications
  • Professional certifications
  • Additional training
  • Conferences attended
  • Professional affiliations

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Simple resume format :

Your Name
Industrial Designer
123 Your Street
Your City, ST 12345
(123) 456-7890


Try to highlight yourself within a maximum of 100 words.


  • Job related skills 01
  • Job related skills 02
  • Job related skills 03
  • Job related skills 04


Company Name, Location - Job Title
month 20xx - present

  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 01
  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 02
  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 03

Company Name, Location - Job Title
month 20xx - month 20xx

  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 01
  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 02
  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 03

Company Name, Location - Job Title
month 20xx - month 20xx

  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 01
  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 02
  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 03
  • Key Responsibilities performed in the workplace 04


Institute Name, Location - Degree
month 20xx - month 20xx

Institute Name, Location - Degree
month 20xx - month 20xx

Institute Name, Location - Degree
month 20xx - month 20xx


  • Job related awards 01
  • Job related awards 02
  • Job related awards 03

Some basic Q&A about resume Writing :

Where can I download a resume template for free?

Various online websites offer resume templates. Some websites offer resume templates for free and some websites offer pay services as well as free services. Some of these are: google docs resume template (totally free), NovoResume, Canva, Microsoft word etc

Is Novo resume free?

No. Novoresume is not totally free. They provide both free and paid templates.

What do I put on my resume if I have no experience?

If you have no previous job experience, select Functional / skills-based resume format as resume format and Include

  • Your Full name, 
  • The title of your job, or the name of the position you are applying for,
  • Contact information,
  • Education,
  • Relevant skills,
  • Linguistic skills,
  • Relevant Certification and Interest (if any) etc. And highlight the skills in the resume.

Which format do most employers prefer for resumés?

It is difficult to answer this question in a nutshell. You will find the correct answer to this question by reading our full article. And for the type of position for which the recruiter has published the recruitment notice, he will prefer the resume format which is perfect for that position. However, since the most widely used resume format is "Reverse chronological", most employers prefer the "Reverse chronological" resume format.

Should I put a picture on my resume?

If asked to add photo in the recruitment notice. Only then should pictures be added to the resume. Not otherwise.

How long is a 2022 resume?

Resumes for new jobs in 2022 should be limited to 1 page. However in special cases there can be 2 pages.

Which is the best free resume builder?

Resume Genius 
Google docs 

Where can I build and download free resumes?

The names of the free resume builders mentioned in the answer to the above question, you can easily create online resume by customizing the template as per your need by visiting their website.

Can a resume be too long?

No. Resume can be a maximum of 2 pages.

Do employers like plain resumes?

It depends on personal preference. Not all employers like colorful resumes. Similarly, not all employers like plain resumes either.

What are the common mistakes of a resume?

  • Choosing the wrong resume format.
  • Incorrect resume and cover letter template selection
  • Not to mention the qualifications, experience and skills relevant to the position.
  • Mentioning qualifications, experience and skills irrelevant to the position.
  • Not to give information according to the needs of the employer.

Does a resume need a signature?

No, it is not standard practice to sign your resume.

How many bullets should be on a resume?

According to your need.

Can you put a job on your resume that you were fired from?

Some experts say, should not, while some experts say, should. However, if you mentioned, then the reason for being fired must be explained.