How Do You Write Reference Letter For Employee Leaving 2022

Change of workplace is a common and natural process among employees. An employee changes his workplace for various reasons. Every employee cherishes the desire to work in a higher organization. And when he gets a chance to fulfill this desire, he leaving his current job and moves towards his dream. Then the manager needs to write a reference letter for employee.

What is reference letter?

A reference letter is a formal letter that mentions a person's personal qualities, characteristics, interest in work, abilities, social attitude, etc. Also known as a letter of recommendation or recommendation letter.

An important document sent with the cover letter is the reference letter. It is needed when creating new jobs.

Reference letters are often requested during the company's recruitment process to ensure that the qualities that the company is looking for in the relevant position exist in this candidate!

Although a candidate's qualifications and skills and experiences can be known by looking at the cover letter and resume, it is not fully known about his / her role and position in the previous job. 

For which a reference letter is required. And through the reference letter, it is possible to get a fair idea about what the person was like in the previous organization, what were his characteristics, what was his interest and ability towards work, how he used to interact with colleagues, etc.

What to Include in a Reference Letter?

If you have been working as a manager or supervisor for a long time, the term reference letter is very familiar to you. Because in this long career you have had to write lots of reference letters for your subordinates.

And if you are new to the position of manager or supervisor, this term may seem unfamiliar to you. When any of your subordinates try to join a new organization, they must ask for a reference letter from you.

When you write a reference letter for a former subordinate, you must know what other elements you need to add in addition to the professional presentation and friendly format of the letter.

The following elements must be included when writing a standard reference letter.

Employees duties and responsibilities:

When you write a reference letter for your former subordinate, you must first mention what your former subordinate used to do under you and what key roles and responsibilities he or she played.

Job age:

When writing a reference letter, you should mention how many years you have been working in that post. At the same time, it is necessary to mention the position in which your subordinate employee was working and how many years he has worked under you.

Employee Ability, Knowledge, Creativity, Intelligence:

For which you will write a reference letter, in the workplace, his skills, knowledge, creativity, intelligence, etc. should be mentioned in a clear and truthful manner. In this case, you should never write anything exaggerated with the help of lies.

Mention in the reference letter as much as you know about your former employee in the workplace, as much as you see creativity and intelligence in him. There is no need to say exaggerated or hide anything.

Employee Qualifications (Foreign Language, Special Skills):

What are the qualifications of the employee who worked for you, what skills did he / she manage to show while working under you, whether he / she has any achievements in foreign language or is he / she proficient in any particular work, what are the features and skills that make him / her a good candidate, this things must be mentioned in the reference letter.

Employee social attitudes and relationship abilities:

When writing a reference letter, the social attitude of the person for whom you are writing the reference letter must be mentioned in the reference letter. How he treats other subordinates and his co-workers, how easily he has made others his own, how quickly he has developed friendly relationships with co-workers, how socially he speaks, these are very important points in a reference letter.

Recommendations for subordinates:

The main point of the reference letter is the recommendation. So it will never work if you make a mistake in writing it. In the reference letter you need to make a positive recommendation on behalf of your former employee.

If you can write a bright, positive recommendation for a former employee, it will be very easy for him to create new jobs.

Your full contact information:

When a new job seeker in the United States submits a reference letter, most organizations try to contact the referee [A person who makes a recommendation about his subordinates or acquaintances is called a referee] to find out more about the job candidate. 

So in the reference letter you must give your valid contact information. So that any organization can easily contact you to verify the reference letter.

What should not be included in a reference letter?

When you start writing the leadership letter, you need to keep in mind what will be added to the letter. You should also keep in mind what should not be added. Because the reference letter like resume cover letter is also very important to the job seeker in case of workplace change. Therefore, some things in writing a left-hand letter must be avoided. Such as:

When you start writing a reference letter, you need to keep in mind what should be added to the letter. You also have to keep in mind what should not be added. This is because the reference letter is just as important as the resume cover letter to the job seeker in case of change of workplace. So some things in writing a reference letter must be avoided. Such as:

General language :

One of the Landmark of a reference letter is its maturity. So when writing a reference letter, you have to focus more on its formal format and professional language or tone. And you should always refrain from writing in General language or casual tone.

Think and believe :

"I think think or believe he is skilled in a particular field or that he has this quality in him" it is better not to mention such sentences in the reference letter. Instead, emphasize the skill or quality of the person you are referring to. For example: You can say, I saw that there is this particular quality in him.

Personal information and beliefs of employee :

When writing a reference letter you should always refrain from mentioning the employee's age, sex, disability, race, national origin, or religious beliefs. On the one hand, this informations is irrelevant and in some cases it can cause discrimination.

Negative statement:

It is better not to write anything about your subordinate in the reference letter than to write anything negative about your subordinate. Even if your employee has negative quality, it should not be mentioned in the reference letter. In this case, you can make references for your subordinate using some very simple completely.

Unnecessary words:

You must have a clear idea of his and his quality for whom you will refer.And in the reference letter, only the words relevant to his and his position have to be used.And choosing irrelevant and unnecessary words should be avoided completely.

Too much time and attention detailing the relationship :

It is very important to mention the reference giver's relationship with the employee in the reference letter. This is because whether the reference letter will be admissible is determined by the relationship of the reference giver with the employee. However, when writing a relationship, it is better not to write too much time, attention or too much detail.

How do you write a good reference letter for an employee?

When writing all types of formal letters, including reference letters, it is important to follow certain criteria of proper format and professional presentation.

Every word in a reference letter is very sensitive to an employer, manager or supervisor. This is because the reference letter written on behalf of his subordinate will be presented to another employer, manager or supervisor as his representative.

So there are some things to keep in mind while writing a reference letter.

Required data collection :

When you go to write a reference letter for someone, you will need their qualifications, experience, skills and achievements.

if he works under you for a long time , even so it is not possible for you to know all the qualifications, experience, skills of your subordinates. So when you write a reference letter for someone, you must ask them for an updated CV / resume.

Also, if you need to know any other information while writing a reference letter, you should ask your former employee. Such as: job advertisement, job description for the position you have applied for, name of the hiring manager etc.

And refrain from writing anything on conjecture. Because it will bring down your personality to another hiring officer.

Select the correct format:

Before writing a reference letter, you have to select its correct format. Always choose the format of the formal / business letter to write the reference letter. 

First write your full name and contact address, then the date below it, then the name and contact address of the hiring manager.

And If you’re sending the letter through email, write the name of your employee on the subject line and state that it is a reference or a recommendation letter.

Then write down "Dear (First Name/ Mr. Mrs./ Ms. Last Name)/ Hiring Manager/To Whom It May Concern", and start writing the main subject of the letter. 

After the greeting, mention in detail how long you have known the candidate, his abilities in the workplace, his skills and achievements, the candidate's social attitude, his good behavior towards colleagues, his sense of responsibility.

Highlight the candidate's special abilities and skills in the reference letter. Which makes him an exceptional employee. In this case, his best achievement can be mentioned in detail, including the anecdote.

Make sure that what you say about your former subordinate is related to the relevant position. Refrain from mentioning any abilities, skills and achievements Anomalous to the relevant position.

In the last part of the letter, talk about how confident you are about the former employee and how you would recommend him or her for the position. And if his has any questions about your former subordinate, encourage him to contact you.

Your full contact information:

Be sure to include your full contact information in the reference letter to contact you later. So that other hiring officers can contact you very easily if they have any queries about your former employee.

If the reference letter is to be sent via email. Then you must specify a valid email address in the reference letter. because, if thay have any questions about your subordinate, they will try to contact you via email.

How do you reference an ex leaving employee?

When your subordinate ex-employee asks you for a reference letter, there are a few things to keep in mind when referring him:

  • Always write references in business letter format and professional tone.
  • Write your relationship with who you are and for whom you are writing.
  • Write the candidate's skills related to the position.
  • Always write positively about the candidate.
  • Do not write in the traditional language, but refer in a slightly different way.
  • Give an overview about subordinates.
  • Focus on the relevant most important qualifications of the candidate.
  • Encourage contact to know more about the candidate.

What is an example of a reference letter?

Jose M Johnson
Soft light Corporation
9960 Edgemont St. 
Long Beach, CA 90813

August 13, 2026

Recommendations for Mary Hobson,

Dear Soucy,

Mary Hobson has worked very closely with me for a long time. In my long career, I have found Mary to be the most energetic, patient, and valuable assistant.

Mary is consistently capable of producing high quality work and maintaining work quality with accuracy. Her positive energy towards work and smile on her face greatly help him to finish all the work on time. Her bright personality and attractive personal style help her to communicate effectively with clients and staff.

She plays a very efficient role in managing very well organized office and coordinating such events well as his productive attitude.

All the invisible qualities that lead to success in the workplace exist among Mary. I hope that your expectations of Mary will not be disturbed and I am confident that she will gain your trust in a very short time and become a valuable assistant to you. I voluntarily wrote this recommendation for Mary because I am very grateful for her contribution to our office and very confident that she will be able to make honest use of her qualifications, experience, skills, intelligence, work ethic and communication skills there as well.

If you need any additional information about this outstanding young lady or need to know more about her, please feel free to contact me.

Jose M Johnson
Soft light Corporation

How do you end a reference letter?

At the end, give a brief summary of the skills or qualities mentioned by you about former subordinate in the full reference letter. And clearly state that you are referring the candidate for this position. Then end the reference letter by encouraging hiring manager to contact you for more details about the candidate.

How long should a reference letter be?

Reference letter must be at least more than two paragraphs. And can be a maximum of 2 two pages. However, it is best to write a reference letter in 1 page. And what you write is more important than the number of pages in the reference letter.

Should a reference letter be signed?

If the reference letter is a physical or print copy then you must sign it. And if it is an electronic or email copy then signing is not mandatory.

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