Short Cover Letter Sample for Fresher | How to Write + Template (docs)

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If you want to sell yourself in the job market then a well written cover letter is an essential part of the job application process for you (fresher or professional).

The cover letter is a formal document that accompanies a resume or CV and gives the employer a quick idea of who you are and why you're qualified for the job. And a short cover letter is often able to grab the employer's attention much faster than a long cover letter.

So when you start writing cover letter, our short cover letter samples will help you write top-notch cover letter to impress employers.

What is Short Cover Letter: 

Short Cover Letter Format

Instead of the usual 250 - 500 words, a short cover letter is a short presentation of important personal and job related subjects.

An example of a short cover letter is a brief presentation on the company or organization you are interested in working, your personal interest in the job, your qualifications, experience, your role as a team member when you get hired, etc.

Which does the job of introducing yourself to the company before hiring or interviewing.

Why short cover letter is Important : 

Although long cover letters are more popular among job seekers, short cover letters are currently creating a separate space for employers due to time constraints.

Save time: 

Why short cover letters are important! The biggest reason for this is the lack of time for employers.

When an organization publishes a recruitment notice for the purpose of hiring, they receive numerous CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters, Reference Letters.

And in the midst of so many cover letters, it is really a matter of time to find out the exact qualifications of the candidates by reading each cover letter.

In this case, the eligibility of the candidate can be easily found in the short cover letters. Which plays an important role in saving employers time.


One thing that is noteworthy about long cover letters is that most long cover letter writings are almost the same linguistically.

Therefore, these cover letters may not attract much attention from employers.

Again many times seeing the same types cover letter can be a source of annoyance to the employer.

In this case, since there are no additional words in the short cover letters, the employers feel comfortable reading them. And get a clear idea about the candidate very easily.

As a result, these cover letters can easily attract the attention of the employer as compared to long cover letters.

Making a difference: 

Short cover letters make you different from others. Among the many long cover letters submitted to the employer, the correct format of your short cover letter, professional presentation, brevity makes you different from other candidates.

Proof of Professionalism : 

Your important achievements and achievements are briefly highlighted in the short cover letter. 

Which is proof of your personality, professionalism, values and time.' Which is an important role to get the interview call later on.

Short cover letter sample :

A perfect cover letter can be very helpful for you when you are applying for a new job. And it will increase your chances of getting a job. Below are some such short cover letter samples to further enhance your job application.

When you apply for a senior position based on your long experience. Then this type of cover letter will be ideal for you.

Clark K Jackson
697 Brentwood Drive,
Austin, Texas, 78744
Mobile Number : 512-940-0377
Email Address :

July 20, 2022

Joseph D Raley
Hiring Manager
Ward Group
830 Patterson Fork Road

Dear [Hiring Manager's Name),

In the attachment you will find my resume with detailed work experience for the relevant position.My weaknesses in technology since childhood, and 6 years of practical experience as a programmer have made me much more skilled and experienced.

My interest and love for this programming, effective planning ability, great communication skills, sympathetic and friendly attitude towards team members, played an effective role in nominating me as a Team Leader within 26 months of joining the workplace.So I believe that I can play an effective role as the ideal team leader for this big project of yours.

I can be contacted at 512-940-0377 or I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Clark K Jackson

Creative Short Cover Letter Sample for fresher:

This type of cover letter can be ideal for your entry level or mid level job when you have just graduated or have little experience. You can also use this type of cover letter in almost all types of jobs if you want.

Clark K Jackson
697 Brentwood Drive,
Austin, Texas, 78744
Mobile Number : 512-940-0377
Email Address :

July 20, 2022

Joseph D Raley
Hiring Manager
Ward Group
830 Patterson Fork Road

Dear Joseph D Raley,

I am a trained professional ( position name ) with 1.6 years of experience. I have fulfilled the responsibilities entrusted to me with honesty and dedication in my workplace. I want to showcase my skills by working for your founder or company.

Here are some highlights of my skills and achievements according to your requirements:

  • skills and achievements 01
  • skills and achievements 02
  • skills and achievements 03
  • skills and achievements 04
  • skills and achievements 05

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the (.......) position further.I can be contacted at 512-940-0377 or

Clark K Jackson

Entry-Level Short Cover Letter Sample :

You have just completed graduation, you have no experience in the job field. Then basically you will use this type of cover letter.

Clark K Jackson
697 Brentwood Drive,
Austin, Texas, 78744
Mobile Number : 512-940-0377
Email Address :

July 20, 2022

Joseph D Raley
Hiring Manager
Ward Group
830 Patterson Fork Road

Dear Joseph D Raley,

I am highly interested in joining your team as a sales associate for your organization. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing from X University as well as an experienced person in digital marketing.

A friend of mine in university life was able to gain a handsome profit on his new start-up through my effective sales planning and proper team management.

So I believe that my academic knowledge of business, experience of real life marketing projects in university life and knowledge of digital marketing, will play an effective role in increasing your company's sales.

I look forward to increasing your company’s sales as well as developing my own talents and joining your team to become a member of an ideal team. I can be reached at 512-940-0377 or

Clark K Jackson

Cover Letter Template Google Docs:

Upfront :

Upfront is a minimalist two column cover letter template combines fresh design, classic fonts with lots of white space. A strong choice for architects, web developers or IT managers.

Upfront cover letter template google docs

Streamlined :

Streamlined is a single column cover letter template with bold dark turquoise side bar and simple font. This cover letter is an appropriate option for pharmacists, mechanical engineers and medical assistants.

Streamlined cover letter template google docs

How to Write a Winning Short Cover Letter:

  • Opening is very important for short cover letters. So instead of using a common sentence in the first paragraph, start with something that attracts attention.
  • Come quickly to the context of why you qualify for this job and why you are ahead of others. So that you can get the attention of the employer at the beginning.
  • Maintain a professional attitude, be courageous, and try to convince the employer that you are sincere about the job.
  • Don't be clever, keep yourself clear. Refrain from using Serio words and big sentences. Use short, conventional and meaningful words instead.
  • Use action verbs as much as possible.
  • Words like "implemented, achieved, developed and created" make your success meaningful.
  • Avoid using the same cover letter again and again. Write separate cover letters for different positions according to your job requirements.
  • Use active voice when writing your own experience or skills. The active voice implies that the responsibility was yours. "It was accomplished." Compared to "I accomplished this", it refers to you a lot more directly.
  • Try to use bullet points when writing your qualifications, experience, skills.
  • Keep a sharp eye on spelling and grammar. And check if the spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Add a PS to draw attention to the end.

What is the ideal short cover letter length ?

Two-thirds of employers search for half-page, two-thirds, or less length cover letters.

So when writing a cover letter the focus should be on its ideal length. And when writing, make sure that your short cover letter is limited to half or two-thirds of the page.

So that the employer can easily realize that it is a short cover letter.

Short Cover Letter Checklist:

Before sending your cover letter to the employer, create a checklist to avoid mistakes. So that you can review whether there is any mistake in the cover letter. We have prepared a checklist for your convenience. Which will help you review the cover letter.

  • Dear (Hiring Manager Name): First make sure that you have addressed the Hiring Manager with the correct title or name.
  • And also check if there is any mistake in the spelling of the title or name of the hiring director!
  • First Paragraph : In the first paragraph, make sure that you have written the biggest qualification of your career related to your introduction and related position.
  • Second Paragraph : In this paragraph, check if you have been able to highlight your skills, abilities, and why you are qualified for the job (Try writing with bullet points).
  • Third Paragraph : In this paragraph, check if you have briefly presented your emotions, what you want, how to adapt yourself as a team member, etc.
  • Fourth Paragraph : In the last paragraph, verify that you have used the call to action sentence and made a formal end.
  • Check if you have signed in black or blue ink at the end of the cover letter.
  • And at least double check if there are any grammatical, spelling or other errors in the latest cover letter.

Tips for short cover letter : 

  • Choose the right and attractive cover letter and resume template.
  • The language of the letter should be simple, straightforward and clear. 
  • Write the letter as concisely as possible in keeping with the content.
  • There should be a sense of emotion and excitement in the subject matter.
  • Left justify your letter.
  • Maintain the correct format of the formal letter.
  • Special attention should be paid to the spelling of the letter.
  • Single space your letter and leave a space between each paragraph.
  • Use simple fonts when writing letters. Such as: Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, etc.
  • Try to keep the font size of the letter between 10 - 12.

Final Words:

When you will write a short cover letter, it is necessary to pay more attention to its exact format and its length.

And, how you are writing your cover letter is very valuable because the information consistent with the relevant position, concise and clear writing style, elimination of irrelevant words and all the information about why you are eligible for the position will affect the employer first.

And your chances of getting a job is increase many times over.