Geometric Cover Letter Template Google Docs | with Using Guides

Are you looking for a professional template to effectively make your cover letter? If so, Geometric cover letter template is a complete solution for you. It is a google docs cover letter template and is available for download. it provides you with well-structured format to create your cover letter.

Geometric Cover Letter Template Google Docs : 

Geometric cover letter docs template

The Geometric cover letter template is a pre-written letter template that you can fill in with your information as needed. The template includes details such as the writer’s contact information, recipient’s name, company, and position, date etc.

You can customize the cover letter by adding your qualifications and experience that are relevant to the position.

Use This Template

Key Features :

Professional looks : Featuring blocky, pixelated graphics and an symmetrical layout, the "Geometric" cover letter template from Google is one of the exceptions to Google Docs cover letter template.

It is one of the best professional looking template among other Google Docs templates. Because special emphasis is placed on its elegant design.

Mature colour : Geometric is one of the best colourful cover letter template in google docs. In this template, mature colors are used mainly to enhance the professionalism of this cover letter. Which justifies your taste.

The design and color combination of the template has also made it more eye catchy.Which is easily able to attract the attention of the recipient.

Easy to customize : The template is designed to be easy to edit and customize, so when you write your cover letter you can change the text, colors, fonts, and layout as needed.

Easy to store : One of the major advantages of Geometric template is that you can easily store this in your google drive after editing them.

And since created or customized template through Google Docs have no storage size, so you can store unlimited template.

And later you can take it from here and use it again while applying for another job. so we recommend creating a copy (.docx) file along with pdf while downloading the cover letter.

How to Use This Template :

Log in to your Google account : The first thing you need to use google docs cover letter template is a google account. Log in to your Google account then you can easily access google docs cover letter templates.

Go to Google Apps and select Google docs : After successfully log in google account, first of all you need to open a new tab in the Chrome browser on your desktop. Then you have to select Google Docs by clicking on the 3 dot menu (Google Apps) in the top right corner.

Or you can open Google Docs directly by clicking on this link

Select Geometric template : After opening Docs, click on template gallery on the right. Then you will find a number of letter templates in the Template Gallery. From there, select Geometric cover letter template.

Fill in the template : Clicking on the template you selected will make the template editable. Then you have to put the necessary information for the cover letter along with your name and contact information and customize it as you like.

Download and use : Once the cover letter template has been customized, you have to download the format file of your choice (docx or pdf is suggested) by clicking on the download option from the file.then printing that file will make it usable

Last word :

When you think about making a cover letter for a job/internship in a very short time.Then the geometric cover letter template can be quite helpful for you. And this template can be customized from anywhere with access to Google Docs and easily shared with others to use.