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Cover letter for resume

Thinking of writing a cover letter for a job. But what to write? How to write? Looking for examples for that? In this article you will find several examples to create a best cover letter for yourself.Just writing a resume is not enough to apply for a job or internship. An ordinary or short cover letter is an important formal document for a job.

You will be able to highlight your educational qualifications, experience, skills and achievements through the resume. But you will need to write a professional cover letter to explain to the employer why you are eligible for this position, why you are different from others for this position, how you will engage yourself in this position.

What is cover letter :

A cover letter is a one-page formal document that job seekers submit alongside a CV/resume as part of an internship or job application.

Cover letters are usually between 250 and 400 words. Within these 250 to 400 words, job seekers have to present themselves to the employer professionally. A cover letter is never a complement to a resume. Therefore, the topics written in the resume should not be mentioned again in the cover letter.

Importance of cover letter:

One thing you should be informed of before discussing the importance of a cover letter. And that is, whether you will get an interview call for the job you have applied depends mostly on the cover letter.

Opportunity to present yourself:

If you can’t present yourself to the cover letter properly, at first you will be a few steps behind your competitors.

Most organizations give more importance to cover letter than other documents in the field of jobs. That's why they take a closer look at their cover letter before in an interview with job seekers. 

So when you send a cover letter and CV for a post in an organization.

Then most organizations will review your cover letter thoroughly before calling you for an interview. And they will call for interview only those, whose cover letter they liked.

So a cover letter is a document through which you can present yourself to the employer. You can let the employer know through a cover letter why you are eligible for this position, Why you are ahead of others, How you can help their organization, your passion for the organization, etc. So that your next interview for that job is confirmed.

Creating the interest of the employer:

When you send a cover letter, resume and other documents to join an organization. Then most employers look at your cover letter first.

If you send a professional cover letter consistent with the needs of the employer. Then after reading your cover letter employer a positive attitude and interest is created about you.

Which makes the employer more interested in looking at your other documents, and in interviewing you.

Remember that, a good cover letter such as creates an employer's interest in you. similarly a bad cover letter creates an employer’s annoyance towards you.

Because a bad cover letter is nothing more than a piece of white paper to the employer.

Creating a relationship with the employer:

When an organization publishes a recruitment notice for a position. Then they set a certain goals and objectives for that position.

When you inform the employer of your goals and objectives for the relevant position through cover letter. After the employer sees it, if it is consistent with their goals and objectives. Then automatically the employer builds a mental relationship with you.

Which in turn plays a huge role in getting interviewed and getting a job. So before writing your goal and purpose in the cover letter, try to understand what the employer wants for that position.

Explanation of Resume:

The resume that you will send with the cover letter. Your cover letter will be the explanation of resume.

The resume mentions your qualifications, experience and skills. But how you got these is not mentioned in details . In the cover letter you will be able to mention in detail how you have acquired these experiences and skills.

Which will help the employer to properly evaluate you, including your experience and achievements. However, one thing should be noted here so that the information in the resume is not repeated in the cover letter.

Explain your relationship with someone you mentioned:

The resume often has to mention someone's name as a reference. But it is not possible to write an explanation of your relationship with him in the resume.

How is your acquaintance with that person, how long have you been acquainted with him, what is your relationship with him! These issues can be explained through cover letters.

How to Format a Cover Letter:

To write a cover letter in a proper format, you must add some important elements in the letter. Which will increase your professionalism and acceptability to the employer.

When writing a cover letter, the alignment of each sentence should be on the left side.

Sender name and contact information: 

At the beginning of a cover letter, your name and full address should be written in the upper left corner of the letter or your name and address should be mentioned in the letterhead. 


After your name and address, enter the date with one line omitted.

Employer name and contact information: 

Just after writing the date, the full name and full address of the employer must be written with one line omitted.


If you want to write a cover letter using AMS style. Then after writing the name and contact information of the employer, you have to write the subject of your letter. And if you want to write a cover letter in block style. Then you have to write the greeting directly after writing the name and contact information of the employer.


When writing a greeting, the right person should be greeted with his correct name or surname. For example: Dear (First Name / Mr. Mrs./ Ms. Last Name) or To whom it may concern.

Main body: 

The main body of the cover letter starts from the bottom of the greeting. In this section, you need to accurately represent the purpose for which you are writing this letter.Try to keep this part in 3-5 paragraphs.

Opening is very important for cover letters. So instead of using a common sentence in the first paragraph, start with something that attracts attention.

Come quickly to the context of why you qualify for this job and why you are ahead of others. So that you can get the attention of the employer at the beginning.

Maintain a professional attitude, be courageous, and try to convince the employer that you are sincere about the job.

Don't be clever, keep yourself clear. Refrain from using Serio words and big sentences. Use short, conventional and meaningful words instead.

Use action verbs as much as possible.

Words like "implemented, achieved, developed and created" make your success meaningful.

Avoid using the same cover letter again and again. Write separate cover letters for different positions according to your job requirements.

Use active voice when writing your own experience or skills. The active voice implies that the responsibility was yours. "It was accomplished." Compared to "I accomplished this", it refers to you a lot more directly.

Try to use bullet points when writing your special qualifications, experience, skills.

Keep a sharp eye on spelling and grammar. And check if the spelling and grammar are correct.


Your signature after writing "Yours / Best wishes, Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Respectfully yours, Cordially, Respectfully" in this part. Then you have to complete the cover letter by writing your full name .

Add a PS to draw attention to the end.(additional)

Cover letter examples:

Example 01 :

Clark K Jackson
4697 Brentwood Drive,
Austin, Texas, 78744
Mobile Number : 512-940-0377
Email Address :

July 20, 2022

Joseph D Raley
Hiring Manager
Ward Group
830 Patterson Fork Road

Dear Joseph D Raley,

In the attachment you will find my resume with detailed work experience for the relevant position.

My weaknesses in technology since childhood, and 6 years of practical experience as a programmer have made me much more skilled and experienced.

My interest and love for this programming, effective planning ability, great communication skills, sympathetic and friendly attitude towards team members, played an effective role in nominating me as a Team Leader within 26 months of joining the workplace.

So I believe that I can play an effective role as the ideal team leader for this big project of yours.

I can be contacted at 512-940-0377 or I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Your hand writing signature
Clark K Jackson

Example 02 :

Jax Sampson
4315, Park Street
San Francisco, California, 94103
(111) 789-3456

August 21, 2023

Phillip H Seitz
Senior Director
Alfa world Inc
980 West Street
LOXLEY, Alabama, 36551

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a Production Manager at Crossover Software, I will bring 15 years of experience to the table. I have managed teams of up to 100 employees and know my multi-tasking and communication skills can be a help to your production team. I have a passion for exceeding production goals while maintaining the highest safety standards. I was previously working in a boat manufacturing plant and am excited to transfer my skills into manufacturing software parts.

After completing my business degree at Clearwater University, I immediately went into production. I started as a supervisor and was quickly promoted to Production Manager. I view production as a puzzle and work diligently to get all the pieces to fit together. Balancing cost analyses with production schedules can be a difficult process, but I have continually met or exceeded the company's goals.

A good manager listens to those under him, but a great manager considers what they say and puts those ideas into play. I regularly met with staff members to discuss the direction we were going in and the direction we wanted to go in. By listening to the staff, I was able to pinpoint the weaknesses in our process. We implemented a new process that increased production by 35% without sacrificing quality or safety. By leaning on my staff for input, I created a workplace environment that made them feel that they were a valued part of the team. By doing so, I had the lowest rollover rates of any department.

Thank you for considering my application. I am ready and eager to apply what I have learned in the last 15 years to a new sector. I look forward to learning more about your current processes and the goals your company has set. As a Production Manager, I will work tirelessly to meet those goals.


Your hand writing signature
Jax Sampson

Example 03 :

Clark K Jackson
4697 Brentwood Drive,
Austin, Texas, 78744
Mobile Number : 512-940-0377
Email Address :

July 20, 2022

Joseph D Raley
Hiring Manager
Ward Group
830 Patterson Fork Road

Dear Joseph D Raley,

I am a trained professional ( position name ) with five years of experience. I have fulfilled the responsibilities entrusted to me with honesty and dedication in my workplace. I want to showcase my skills by working for your founder or company.

Here are some highlights of my skills and achievements according to your requirements:

  •  skills and achievements 01
  •  skills and achievements 02
  •  skills and achievements 03
  •  skills and achievements 04
  •  skills and achievements 05

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the (.......) position further.I can be contacted at 512-940-0377 or


Clark K Jackson

Example 04 :

Clark K Jackson
4697 Brentwood Drive,
Austin, Texas, 78744
Mobile Number : 512-940-0377
Email Address :

July 20, 2020

Joseph D Raley
Hiring Manager
Ward Group
830 Patterson Fork Road

Dear Joseph D Raley,

I am highly interested in joining your team as a sales associate for your organization. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing from X University as well as an experienced person in digital marketing.

A friend of mine in university life was able to gain a handsome profit on his new start-up through my effective sales planning and proper team management.

So I believe that my academic knowledge of business, experience of real life marketing projects in university life and knowledge of digital marketing, will play an effective role in increasing your company's sales.

I look forward to increasing your company’s sales as well as developing my own talents and joining your team to become a member of an ideal team. I can be reached at 512-940-0377 or


Clark K Jackson

Example 05:

Human resources manager cover letter examples

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Cover Letter Template :

You already know that, how to write a cover letter, what elements to add to the cover letter. Now you need a cover letter template! But you can't figure out where to find eye catching and professional cover letter templates?

There are several web platforms for solving this problem. Those who provide free visual paraphernalia and professional cover letters. Some of the notable platforms are Google Docs Cover Letter Templates, Microsoft cover letter templates, Novo Resume, Resume Genius etc.

Cover Letter Checklist:

Before sending your cover letter to the employer, create a checklist to avoid mistakes. So that you can review whether there is any mistake in the cover letter. We have prepared a checklist for your convenience. Which will help you review the cover letter.

Dear (Hiring Manager Name): First make sure that you have addressed the Hiring Manager with the correct title or name.

And also check if there is any mistake in the spelling of the title or name of the hiring director!

Paragraph 1: In the first paragraph, make sure that you have written the biggest qualification of your career related to your introduction and related position.

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, check if you have been able to highlight your skills, abilities, and why you are qualified for the job (Try writing with bullet points).

Paragraph 3: In this paragraph, check if you have briefly presented your emotions, what you want, how to adapt yourself as a team member, etc.

Paragraph 4: In the last paragraph, verify that you have used the call to action sentence and made a formal end.

Check if you have signed in black or blue ink at the end of the cover letter.

And at least double check if there are any grammatical, spelling or other errors in the latest cover letter.

Tips for cover letter formatting: 

  •  The language of the letter should be simple, straightforward and clear. 
  •  Write the letter as concisely as possible in keeping with the content.
  •  There should be a sense of emotion and excitement in the subject matter.
  •  Left justify your letter.
  •  Special attention should be paid to the spelling of the letter.
  •  Single space your letter and leave a space between each paragraph.
  •  Use simple fonts when writing letters. Such as: Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, etc.
  •  Try to keep the font size of the letter between 10 - 12.

Resources :

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