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In 2022, resumes are the primary way for job seekers to get their foot in the door. However, a cover letter is still important because it provides an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

A strong cover letter can be an asset for any job seeker. It can help you get noticed and your resume reach the top of a stack of applications. It is important to tailor each cover letter to a specific company so that you are highlighting your skills that match up with what they’re looking for in a candidate.

Importance of cover letter:

One thing you should be informed of before discussing the importance of a cover letter. And that is, whether you will get an interview call for the job you have applied depends mostly on the cover letter.

Opportunity to present yourself:

If you can’t present yourself to the cover letter properly, at first you will be a few steps behind your competitors.

Most organizations give more importance to cover letter than other documents in the field of jobs. That's why they take a closer look at their cover letter before in an interview with job seekers. 

So when you send a cover letter and CV for a post in an organization.

Then most organizations will review your cover letter thoroughly before calling you for an interview. And they will call for interview only those, whose cover letter they liked.

So a cover letter is a document through which you can present yourself to the employer. You can let the employer know through a cover letter why you are eligible for this position, Why you are ahead of others, How you can help their organization, your passion for the organization, etc. So that your next interview for that job is confirmed.

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Creating the interest of the employer:

When you send a cover letter, resume and other documents to join an organization. Then most employers look at your cover letter first.

If you send a professional cover letter consistent with the needs of the employer. Then after reading your cover letter employer a positive attitude and interest is created about you.

Which makes the employer more interested in looking at your other documents, and in interviewing you.

Remember that, a good cover letter such as creates an employer's interest in you. similarly a bad cover letter creates an employer’s annoyance towards you.

Because a bad cover letter is nothing more than a piece of white paper to the employer.

Creating a relationship with the employer:

When an organization publishes a recruitment notice for a position. Then they set a certain goals and objectives for that position.

When you inform the employer of your goals and objectives for the relevant position through cover letter. After the employer sees it, if it is consistent with their goals and objectives. Then automatically the employer builds a mental relationship with you.

Which in turn plays a huge role in getting interviewed and getting a job. So before writing your goal and purpose in the cover letter, try to understand what the employer wants for that position.

Explanation of Resume:

The resume that you will send with the cover letter. Your cover letter will be the explanation of resume.

The resume mentions your qualifications, experience and skills. But how you got these is not mentioned in details . In the cover letter you will be able to mention in detail how you have acquired these experiences and skills.

Which will help the employer to properly evaluate you, including your experience and achievements. However, one thing should be noted here so that the information in the resume is not repeated in the cover letter.

Explain your relationship with someone you mentioned:

The resume often has to mention someone's name as a reference. But it is not possible to write an explanation of your relationship with him in the resume.

How is your acquaintance with that person, how long have you been acquainted with him, what is your relationship with him! These issues can be explained through cover letters.